Commitment To Parents

“The child’s parents are not his makers but his guardians.” –Dr. Maria Montessori

At Mission Montessori Academy at St. George, we pride ourselves on involving and engaging parents in their student’s learning process. Parents as partners is our educational theme and reflects the following commitments we make to you:

To provide your child with an exceptional learning environment that reinforces the values and principles consistent with Maria Montessori’s philosophical pedagogy, including:

  • daily reinforcement and support for the universal values of integrity, respect and responsibility; a classroom culture that reflects the spirit of our democracy; on-going accountability for nurturing a “bully-free” zone within the school; and rich activities and stimuli within the school and on-campus that reinforces our roots in social responsibility.
  • To conduct personalized family conferences designed to address the unique educational opportunities and challenges of your child.


  • To develop and communicate your child’s personal learning plan that includes cycle goals and an inventory of the student’s personal learning style.
  • To support the self-assessment of your child against their personal learning plan.
  • To contribute to regular weekly reports authored by your child and designed to proactively communicate on-going progress toward cycle goals.
  • To encourage your child to resolve behavioral issues or conflict themselves so as to support their on-going emotional and social development first.