Our Commitment To Students

“The child, in fact, once he feels sure of himself, will no longer seek the approval of authority after every step.”

Mission Montessori at St. George, makes an unprecedented commitment to the students. These commitments uphold the vision and values of the founder of the Montessori model of education.

These commitments are:0361948537027

• To provide you an environment that is healthy, safe, balanced, rigorous and filled with opportunities to serve others and to be challenged.

• To treat you with integrity and respect while coaching and expecting you to be honest, responsible and to make good choices.

• To guide instruction for the subjects of Math, Reading, Science and Social Studies to Common Core defined standards.

• To go beyond the basics by providing you opportunities to learn other life-enriching subjects, like Fine Arts, Technology Skills, Spanish, Health, Physical Education and Entrepreneurship.

• To support you in the development of a personalized learning plan that includes personal and academic goals.

• To provide structure and support for your efforts toward accomplishing the goals and objectives of the program.

• To assist you in assessing the quality of your work, your effort, to encourage you to be self-reliant and to do the best work that you can possibly do.

• To provide you the tools that you need to utilize Peace as a mode of communication.